As delicate rays of dawn roll across the hills of Blue Maples, the sound of country life slowly awakens. Early birds engage in their unique chatter; multi-layers of song and cue tell their young that night has now passed. The soulful wail of a mourning dove calls from the cedar glen, and somewhere in the distance, a rooster crows his sleepy hens awake. And so it begins, another day at Blue Maples.

Centrally located in Hastings County, Blue Maples is an 85 acre forest preserve established as a protected natural forest for wildlife habitat and endangered trees and plants. Our forest is blessed with natural abundance; a plethora of flora, fauna, trees, caves, streams, and rock cliffs. Many pathways exist throughout the woodlands, some easy to traverse, others more difficult.

We offer a Bed and Breakfast for naturalists and other gentle folk seeking to take pause from their busy lives in a healthy, restorative environment. Enjoy a forest walk; discover the birds; or sip a beverage on our big screened-in porch.

On a clear summer night, come view the stars, the Milky Way and the golden moon; listen to the frogs and marvel at the hundreds of fireflies lighting up the earth.

Refresh, relax, reconnect .... and perhaps for a moment, encounter something quite naturally sacred.