Our philosophy for living is simple. Try to live harmoniously, respect others, and care for the children. Glorify the Heavens. Cherish and nourish the natural world around us.

In retrospect, it’s funny that we began Blue Maples toward the end of our journey. After what felt like many life-times lived, we searched for a place that would best represent the values we had gleaned over the decades. Always naturalists at heart, we had yearned for a forest in the Canadian Shield where wild things could flourish, and wherein we could have the honour of observing, photographing, painting, and enjoying the natural world in its sentient state.

So why do we call our home Blue Maples? I can only offer that a tree, a magnificent ancient maple tree, whispered its name to us, and we were forever captured.

A survivor of a forest fire that occurred more than 100 years ago, the Blue Maple is fused from several maples and stands as a sentinel to the entrance of the forest.

Many pathways exist throughout the forest, as they do across the scope of one’s life journey. Some prove easy to traverse, others more difficult.

Along these pathways, changes happen to us and around us, some welcomed and anticipated; others unexpected and humbling. Perhaps a carefully planned career suddenly vaporizes, or more profoundly, the love of one’s life slips from view.

Learning to deal with pathway endings and creating new beginnings is best explored in the spirit of fellowship. Common threads of personal tapestries can be shared, broader perspectives evolve. Perhaps when all is said and done, the wisdom of Tolkien best prevails.

'All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.'
Gandolph: The Fellowship of the Ring: J.R.R. Tolkien

Welcome to Blue Maples! Conversations of this nature and of the environment are part of the daily prattle here.